Are you looking to add to your comic book collection? Sure you can go search the usual places such as your local comic book store or online, but if you enjoy the hunt and are looking for a fun experience, consider browsing an estate sale.

Buying anything from an estate sale, not just comic books, can be hit-or-miss. Here’s why you may want to buy comics from an estate sale:

The Thrill Of The Hunt

Unlike with browsing online or in a store, you never really know what to expect at an estate sale. Maybe you’ll find a massive collection that’s housing extremely valuable comics that no one has identified yet. Or maybe there won’t even me comics available.

Lack Of Competition From Other Buyers

Many things are sold at estate sales, so the focus probably won’t be on the comic book collection. Even if an estate sale lists comic books as part of the sale, there’s a good chance there won’t be much competition from other buyers, putting you in a good position to buy the items at an extremely competitive price.

Potential Hidden Treasures

If a large comic collection is available in an estate sale, there’s a good chance it may not be catalogued and organized properly. So even if it contained a valuable piece, no one may know. This puts you in a strong risk-reward situation if you know what to look for, and one great find within the collection can make the entire purchase worth it.

Just Want To Browse Online? Check Out Sparkle City Comics eBay Page!

Browsing and buying collections at estate sales is certainly a thrill, but if you just want to browse verified and trusted items for sale, check out the Sparkle City eBay page, where we list most of our items immediately for sale. We’re always here if you have questions!

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