Looking to add some more comic books to your collection? Or maybe you’re about to dip your toes into the world of comic book collecting for the first time? No matter where you are in your collecting journey, knowing how to buy comic books effectively is a skill always worth improving on because it can yield so many benefits.

Here’s our list of four questions you should be sure to ask the seller of any comic books prior to placing a bid or making an offer-

How Have You Been Storing These Comics?

Exposure to the elements can slowly degrade a comic book’s condition grade over time. Sometimes it happens so slowly that it’s hard to analyze and see until it’s too late. It’s also like a snowball rolling downhill – once the degradation process starts it’s hard to stop. It’s for these exact reasons that you should see if the comics were stored properly away from the elements.

What’s Most Important To You In This Sale – Speed? Price? Buyer?

The sales process is like a choreographed dance. Unless you know exactly what the other party wants and prioritizes, the whole dance could be a failure. Some sellers may be motivated most by maximizing the selling price. Others may just care for a fast and simple transaction. By asking what is important to the seller upfront, you can craft your own pitch and offer to make the transaction as much of a win-win as possible. If you’re trying to buy a highly sought after comic with multiple offers, this could be the difference between winning and not winning.

Where Did You Acquire Them From?

Knowing who owned the comics prior to the current owner can shed additional light on how well they were maintained as well as help you understand who the seller is and what’s motivating them to sell. For example, the seller may have more of an emotional attachment to the comics if they were inherited as opposed to purchased at a thrift store.

In Your Opinion, What Do You Think A Fair Price Is For Them?

Price is inevitably going to come up in this conversation, and how you navigate it can set the tone for the rest of the negotiations. By asking the seller what they think a fair price is, you can get a sense for where they are. Are they waiting to field multiple offers? Have they gotten them appraised by a professional? By asking them the pricing question, it allows the seller to either justify the price they asked for or come to the realization themselves that they may be expecting too high a price.

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